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Dressing against the rules with Meru Merus


On Friday, July 22nd, Stylepolitan conducted and exclusive interview with fashion designer Umair Khan, AKA Meru Merus, at his studio located in Houston Texas. A city, which he says, inspires him because of its dynamism and growing diversity.

From a young age he was influenced by fashion and began his career as a model in 2003 while he was studying Fashion Design and Merchandising. Turns out it was a complete challenge for him being that he was a left-handed student with right-handed teachers.

He spoke to us about the time he presented one of his projects to his teacher and Kate Hudson appeared wearing a similar styled dress during a red carpet event in 2006. He realized he was in the right direction.

2006 was a really important year in his career since this was the year he presented his very first collection for his spring project at his college. Each student had to present 5 pieces, but he was a free mind and a challenge-lover so he went for 9 pieces! Although his teacher was very impressed he was only allowed to exhibit 7 pieces in the runway.

Within those 7 pieces, the biggest challenge of them all was “The Rebel Piece” which was also selected to be included in a special fashion event at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. Just the skirt of the dress alone utilized 5 yards of fabric! it broke all the rules of design because it went against the nature of the fabric. He finally finished his degree in 2007.

We asked this avant-garde designer a series of questions:

  1. What is your favorite Color?

“I like all colors. As a designer I can’t stick to a particular range of colors, but I do have an inclination for greens and tomato red.”

2.Type of fabric you like to work with?

“It’s more practical for me to work with cotton, but it also depends on the effect and the fall you are looking for in your design and your concept.”

3.Stillettos or flats?

“It depended on what you are wearing. For my new collection, I would say Stilettos.”

4.Favorite flower?

“Jasmine and tulip.”

  1. Favorite animal print?


6.Source of inspiration and a fashion advice:

“My mother’s style and my father’s personality are my inspiration. The best advice I can give is to be confident no matter what you are wearing. Wear it with confidence!”

7.Pearls or diamonds?


8.How long does it take you to make a Nightgown?

“The creative process is variable, more so when something make you feel inspired and passionate. After that, the process to assemble the dress can take around 8-10 hours.”

9.Goal for 2017?

“A men’s collection. For many years I’ve wanted to close the runway wearing something I’ve made myself.”

If you are interested in wearing something really original and unique, visit If you want to know more about his upcoming collections, don’t forget to follow us. We will keep you informed!






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