It seems that just about every woman in the world has dreamed of being dressed like a princess. Maybe they would look at their reflection in the mirror and imagine an elegant dress that flowed and fell perfectly on their body.

This perfect dress could be worn on a special occasion and be completely unique. She wouldn’t have to be worried that someone else would be wearing the same dress. Because this avant-garde dress is so special and one of a kind it would make her shine and stand out from everybody else.

Dreams do come true. This princess dress recently became a reality for one lucky actress thanks to fashion designer, Zachary E. Posen aka Zac Posen. This popular and well-known 35-year-old designer created the perfect Cinderella dress by using simple cuts, romantic identity and good taste. Indeed this dress was considered to be a masterpiece by many who saw it firsthand.

The ball scenery was The MET Gala; an annual charity event celebrated the first day of May, which benefits the MET Museum in New York. The princess wearing the dress was award winning actress Claire Danes. The theme of the event was “Fashion in a Technological Era” and was sponsored by Apple (Manus X Machina).

This luminescent garment was built with a special organza made out of fiberglass and 30 micro batteries that were hidden in the lining of the dress (according FastCo).

It is hard to describe in words but the picture of this magnificent dress may help you understand how this dress has revolutionized the fashion world by mixing creativity and technology in perfect harmony. I cant wait to see what is next and see all your comments and suggestions about what do you want to read on this fashion blog. Don’t forget to follow me on all social media.

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