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“V as Victory, V as Victoria Beckham”


Singer/model turned fashion designer Victoria Beckham first introduced her line of clothing and accessories to the world in September of 2008. The product line was simply titled Victoria Beckham and was the result of many collaborations and ideas that were formed into a stunning line of clothing, sunglasses, jeans and perfumes. Beckham is no stranger to the fashion world having in the past worked in collaboration with Rock & Republic in order to debut the VB Rocks brand. She also played a role in launching their “Eye Wear” and “DVD Style” brands as well as her own debut perfume, “Intimately Beckham”.

Victoria Beckham has a well-known reputation in the entertainment, modeling and fashion industry. In fact, she has won an assortment of awards over the course of her career around the world. In 2014 Beckham was appointed as an ambassador for the UNAIDS campaign by the United Nations. Her and her husband David Beckham have four children together, three sons and one daughter.


This past September, Stylepolitan was invited to the premier event for the launch of Estee Lauder ‘s VB makeup line. The lavish event took place at Victoria’s retail store located on 36 Dover Street, London, England. This sophisticated line consists of four looks that have been named after four well-known fashion inspired cities: L.A., London, Paris and New York. The makeup line also reflects the fashion collection, which was debut at New York’s fashion week at the beginning of the year. Below we have provided a brief description of each “Look”:


London: Deep smoky eyes defined with long lasting eyeliner, liquid eye shadow, and golden shadows in powder and nude tone lipstick.

Paris: Lips in the most perfect red after dark, and eyes defined in an emerald green that is most intense.

L.A.: A soft and brilliant touch of the sun on the skin, fresh eyes accented by nude tones and a touch of lip gloss.

New York: Rebel eyes, luminous skin contrasted by a bronze bracelet and a touch of lip gloss.


The “Morning Aura” captivated the Stylepolitan team. It is an illumination cream that gives a touch of luminosity that is natural on any skin surface. We definitely think it can be called the new Most. Another new star are the liquid eye shadows, they dry and create a barrier that stays with you all day without making caking lines.

This empowering and elegant makeup line took years to create. You could see the level of detail that went into picking each product and finding the perfect colors that realize, celebrate, and capture what makes every woman beautiful. Victoria Beckham is definitely the definition of a determined and strong woman with a stable and beautiful family. She is booked full with projects and contracts and has had an increase in sales up to 120% per year. It seems that she might be focusing on being a successful businesswoman rather than a pop singer at the moment.

She is the biggest Victoria of them all! Stylepolitan declares itself a follower of the style and brand because of its sobering vanguard and quality. Her successful career is truly inspirational and we look up to her as a role model on how to handle business projects and family. It truly was an honor to attend her event and meet her in person. Please remember to like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and visit for more of our insights and exclusives into the fashion world.


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