That’s right! The fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier confess he is in love with Latin American Countries, specially the countries he visited during his reality show JPG Loves Latin America: Brazil, Mexico and Argentina.

He uses Snapchat as portal to release this special reality show. This reality was basically the 10 days he spends in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Mexico City.

His journey started the past October 16th in Argentina, where he visited different and special locations in company of very important friends and models. They danced, took selfies and enjoyed the landscapes and destinies making everything look like just a vacation trip at first. After his visit to Argentina he moved to Brazil and then to Mexico.

This amazing designer is opening his way and making some strategic presence in these potential markets. According to A. T Kearney report, these cities are potential emergent markets due to their behavior and growth in the last years. Also some factors are pushing these economies to start consuming from the inside of the country, which is already happening. Many people acquire luxury clothing or shoes from inside the country.

What do you think about this? Latin American countries are going to be seen in different way global wise? Will the Hispanic be able to take advantage from this? Stylepolitan team believes every Country has diversity and potential of growing if they rely on their strengths. Please don’t forget to follow us through Social Media to find more exclusive content.



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