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How many of you are Snapchat users? How many of you had walked through a perfect landscape, and thought I wish I could capture this right now! That’s why any adventurous or vanity person will enjoy this news Stylepolitan bring to you. The company Snap Inc. launches Spectacles: sunglasses with a camera incorporated and which connects with their app Snapchat.

You are going to be able to do snaps from 10 to 30 seconds and combine them in the available colors: red, blue and black. The design for Spectacles was in charge of Steve Horowitz and the price of this amazing new tool is 130 USD. The camera is 115 degrees which aloud the user to do circular videos and you can adjust it in your phone to record vertical or horizontal videos with the best quality.

You will be able to see when you start recording when the led halo around the camera lights up. Of course is not precisely a device to take selfies, but incredible landscapes and capture the world through your own eyes. Another detail we can mention is the fact that this device is only going to be able to connect with Snapchat wireless and it will not record for long periods of time. The batteries charge inside the case.

Stylepolitan team knows that even when you can’t take selfies you can have a mirror handy or maybe pull out some trick to play with this amazing new tool. Remember to visit often our website and to check out more content through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.




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